Adult greek dating

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Adult greek dating

“Greek authorities need to take responsibility for properly identifying unaccompanied children and providing them the protection and care every child needs.” In some cases, HRW said children had themselves pretended to be adults in the belief they could avoid detention, before realising their mistake and attempting to correct the record – a process that can take so long they pass the age of 18 and lose rights including that of family reunification before it is resolved.Amid a lack of information and understanding among migrants arriving on boats, some have also been caught falsely claiming to be minors while over the age of 18 in attempts to secure help.If you want to contact some of them - keep in mind that they are waiting for serious letters and for real offers to make good relationships.

Its staff interviewed 20 asylum seekers who said they had been wrongly registered as adults by Greek authorities on Lesbos, with most reporting teeth examinations but not the interviews with psychologists and social workers required for full assessments.

“In the beginning, they wrote I was 17 but then they took me to the doctor and wrote down 18,” he added. I tried as much as I could, but they never accepted my age.” Zahid, a Pakistani boy who said he was 16 when he arrived on Lesbos in March 2016, said authorities listed him as 19 without any kind of examination. But HRW said the authority was “failing to meet its responsibilities” and sometimes “arbitrarily” recording ages above those given, sometimes using controversial dental examinations without any other evidence.

Those classified as adults are left to fend for themselves at heightened risk of exploitation, trafficking and other abuse, including prostitution, aid workers have warned.

Unaccompanied child refugees are being wrongly identified as adults by Greek authorities and denied vital care in squalid camps, a new report has found.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) interviewed children as young as 15, who said they had been denied special protections required under international law.

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Greek officials told HRW that a thorough procedure is followed to establish the ages of asylum claimants, and have not yet responded to ’s request for comment.

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