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Just be quiet about the chaos you find within - it is My Mind that remains relatively well-ordered - which is why I call everyone "darling" despite them having femme names - and that includes the adult 'boyz' too!!Bless you all for your appreciation for what I do for you!!I am long experienced and am very good at what I do! Note however, that if we arrange a meet and you dont show, or dont mail / msg to let me know you cant make it, with at least 48 hours notice, do not bother asking again to meet, because it won't happen; I don't waste others time and effort and I expect a similar level of courtesy in return.

Only ggs, tvs, CDS, males & the undecided, with all genders & sexualities welcome to apply for a compatibility assessment session.All genders / sexual orientations welcomed, enthusiasm & reliability essential. All non-smokers, you are most Welcome to My ' Alternative Lifestyle with which I am entirely at ease and blissfully happy!I am looking for naughty adults of all genders who require a firm hand (or maybe more) across their PEACHY backsides!!All genders/sexual-orientations/ ages considered on merit. NON-SMOKER SISSY DOMESTIC MAID SOUGHT FOR THE FULL RANGE OF DOMESTIC DUTIES My location: ENFIELD EN2 0NF - close to M25 J25. An overland station is nearby enabling visitors from central London, Stevenage, Cambridge etc. your ' Rewards' would be 'in-kind' MY PERSONAL STATEMENT I am aiming to grow old disgracefully - and so far I am well on track!!!I am looking for a non-smoker sissy maid for the full range of domestic duties - do NOT think a feather duster will surfice as We are talking scrubing floors, vacuuming etc. A BRANDING ACHIEVEMENT To celebrate 15 years of daily use by My many visitors My Playroom has now been named '' Seventh Heaven! ] This name sets the Tone and variety of Experiences which are available!!!

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You should be able to enjoy the experience in a relaxed manner on a regular basis!