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Advice for dating a single mum

So instead of giving up on the whole thing – which, as you know – is incredibly shortsighted, given that you have 50 more years on this earth, how about you change focus?

Middle-aged divorced men understand what it’s like to be you.

I’d venture to guess that your sex-oriented guys feel the same way. You shouldn’t quit because single men your age want sex and more time.

You should just find a guy who is looking for a Brady Bunch family, who sees sex as the icing on the cake instead of the cake itself.

Dear Christina, Before I give you the pep talk you need, let me first acknowledge the painful truths that you’ve eloquently outlined above. Having four kids under the age of 9 is a huge handicap.

I just want a friend and a companion and someone who I have chemistry and intellectual compatibility with.

As a screenwriter, I don’t know if you live in LA or not, but this is a town where people don’t grow up for a really long time.

I got married at 35 and had kids at 37 and 39 and I was ahead of most of my friends.

I was shaken, traumatized, terrified, confused, angry, and heartbroken.

fit=752,350" class="size-medium wp-image-3970 alignright" src="https://i2com/ resize=300,139" alt="Single Mom and Boys - Five of Them! I began blogging when my husband suddenly left me 5 months pregnant with our 5th little boy for a woman he reconnected with on fb.

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Ultimately, all I wanted from that single mom was to hook up, because that’s all I felt she could give me.