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In recent months, the BDC tried to sell their new fingerprint plan by claiming it wouldn't require them to store names, birthdates, and SSNs anymore and it was just like a Disney World scan. If the BDC ever retained the personal information of Bridge Day jumpers, they have done the exact opposite of what was supposed to be performed.Since 2002, this personal information was never intended to be stored by me or anyone on the BD Commission.Newspapers started to pick up on the fact that Bridge Day 2015 might be a bust, so the BDC decided to "rethink" their newly-created background check process.The momentum seemed to move towards the BASE jumping community.Despite all this, it has been reported that West Virginia State Police officer Kenneth Tawes made a motion to proceed with the fingerprint scans and the Fayette County Sheriff Department's Mike Fridley seconded the motion.All BDC members voted for the motion and Bridge Day BASE jumping officially died at that very moment. No Bridge Day background checks were performed from 1980 to 2000.The main pneumatic cylinder that provides the 10,000 lbs of force required during a launch had an air leak, which was described in the auction.I'm the mechanical engineer who designed and built the catapult, which requires a strict inspection routine during repeated launches.

Old Bridge Day videos dating back to 1992 will be posted here as time permits: In November 2014, I shared my thoughts on the overreaching fingerprint plan with the BDC along with a list of logistical problems, concerns, and alternative suggestions.Jumpers will also be required to produce a photo ID during the fingerprint scan.My request to the BDC for information for details on the fingerprint scanner being used has not been answered since November 2014, but I've since been told it's the "Morphoident" system that has been used by the West Virginia State Police. Who would ever be willing to step forward and fight the Government?An online poll on a BASE jumper forum indicated less than 3% would attend Bridge Day 2015 with hundreds of jumpers weighing in on the subject. They contacted the local Chamber of Commerce and complained about the fingerprint plan.Shortly thereafter, a BDC meeting was held and they voted to proceed with the fingerprint plan. Some of us answered questions for newspaper articles and radio interviews.

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Immediately after 9/11, the BDC began requesting the name, birthdate, and SSN (or passport number if not a US citizen) for all participants.