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Blind, she has to survive alone in the form of a child. And then her peace is destroyed and he won't leave her alone. AU: In the aftermath of the Battle of Canary Wharf, the Doctor inspected the basements of Torchwood Tower and stumbled upon a young Welsh archivist. At age twenty-six, Sawada Tsunayoshi dies without regret, leaving his place as Vongola's leader to another. Slash/yaoi, time travel When Harry and Sirius fall through the Veil, they find themselves in a place with poisonous air, wonderous neon plants and creatures, blue people and an oddly maternal panther-creature who won't leave Harry alone. In fact, the situation is just downright disturbing at times. " Rachel asked finding the boy hiding under the piano, "What's wrong? Can she make her way back to Loki, or will she be stuck on Earth? Now, I don't Exist, I'm in a new universe where my favorite TV programme is real. Why do strange things always occur around me or happen to me? Written for the first round of the Playoffs for the Quidditch League Fanfiction Competition.

Of course, I could be dead and someone is faking the letter to fool you…" Harry is NOT happy about being left at Privet Drive all summer with no one to talk to."Stupid personal gain," muttered Melinda. Harry is left with a choice: Fight or Die."Quick question," Kakashi started again, "Why do your teammates think you're a boy, Naruto-chan? Once in a while a person is born who breaks the mold, a person destined to burn bright in the lives of many.

I sure didn't expect that to happen during my older sister's wedding, after meeting a man called the Doctor. my older sister is Donna Noble – The Most Important Woman in the Universe –and this is my story. She didn't intend to change anything when she realized where she was. He is the son of Thor and Loki, the jewel of Asgard before he was abducted from his home. Part One of "Mornings Into Nights' 'His Speedster' is a part of this series Still new to Earth it's customs, Mon-El moves in with Winn to learn how human's work.

However, fate seems to be against her as she encounters the future Decimo before Reborn arrives and she inadvertently changes the plot. I guess I'll just have to wing it'All Ash Ketchum has ever wanted was to be the best. harem, but also plenty of various Others/Ash and teasing fun. I had died, and been reborn into the younger twin sister of a boy named Tsunayoshi. On the night of Voldemort's return Harry is saved by Loki, and taken back to Asgard. There are differences, but Mon still knows how he feels about the techie and that seems to translate across all races and species. Requested by 'skiesandlife' on Tumblr who is also 'cats pickles ' on Ao3Forsaken by Crystal, Elm bribes Lyra to the call. Ron runs away from the burrow at the age of nine, meets Harry, and helps him escape Privet Drive. Not when they've got half the ministry looking for them, not to mention the fact that Sirius has escaped Azkaban to look for Harry. What will life be like living with two medic nins and a mother who's playful fingerflicks could bash through trees?

Ash's dream was to be the unbeatable, greatest and grandest Pokémon Master there ever was. His life is pretty hectic, but I promise to be the best little sister ever, and help him through everything. Harry has a chance at a real family, but he also has family on Earth. Risky, seeing Lyra hasn't been ENTIRELY in her right mind since a mishap 3 years ago. Cover by Earl Gengar @ Deviantart With Harry Potter's hearing for Underage Use of Magic looming, and Sirius Black hunted for a crime he didn't commit and was never tried for, Harry reaches out to Her Majesty the Queen for help, with unexpected results. AU starting Ch 6-9 Oot P, No HBP, No DH, No Horcruxes. Now how about adding an infamous pervert and a philosophic demon to the mix?

So now of legal age to get a Trainer's license at 16, Ash can start the road for just that. Tenaciously, she attracts trouble wherever she goes. COMPLETEHarry/Many - He fought so hard to free them all, he lost everything, and how did they reward him? First he learns there's a world of magic, then he meets a time traveling owl? I have already come to accept this from my parents..can't even remember what gender I am. A new hope to finally find that which he had been searching for for such a long time. Draco Malfoy will do anything to win over Harry Potter's heart, even if it means having to "befriend" Ron Weasley first. Her husband killed and her children taken away from her, Ginny Weasley embraces death.

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Kakashi/fem Naru It was probably the strangest proposition he'd ever received. But it was even MORE shocking when part of her Judgment for her to go to Heaven consisted of... Harry comes home from school and Petunia is upset at the change in her nephew. What she wasn't ready for was a rebellion, scalding hot chocolate, dirty rumors, illicit paintings, the philosophical ramifications of sentient snowmen, a drought, a lovestruck bodyguard, and a man-eating monster. Light, comic ramble through the Star Wars trilogy with an out-of-her-time heroine. and then lost it when they pulled him out of the Ice. Its mighty tails can crumble mountains, cause tsunamis, and set things on fire. It might have been better if she actually were an evil entity bent on destroying the world. Hiding under the alias of Chris Collins, he tries to find a place among the suspicion of those he knew and some he never did, as Voldemort's power grows. Just random scenes that have occurred to me while I'm working on everything else, hopefully you'll enjoy them. Also, any and all stories found within are free to a good home. The problem with alluding to secrets, of course, is that they can be so easily misunderstood.

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