Catholic dating pennsylvania

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Catholic dating pennsylvania

In making love, the husband and wife are saying to one another in “body language” what they said to each other at the altar on their wedding day: “I am yours, for life!

” God created sex to be physically pleasurable and emotionally fulfilling. It is, above all, the deepest sign of the complete gift of self that a husband and wife pledge to each other.

But, more than that, the Church wishes to safeguard your relationship with your future spouse and with God.

Sex is the act that seals and renews the couple’s marriage covenant before God. If it’s between you and God, it’s between you and the Church.

It will help you to grow in the virtues of generous love, sacrificial giving, self-restraint and good communication – virtues which are essential for a good and lasting marriage.

We pray that as you seek God and his way more deeply, you will be rewarded with an abundance of his grace.

May your love for each other always be strong and life-giving. As you work with your priest during this time of preparation for marriage, you will speak with him about many issues.

You are acting in good conscience when you choose to do what God intends.

That’s why sexual behavior has always been the subject of many civil laws.

The Church, of course, wishes to safeguard the family and society.

No one in the Church has the right to change what Jesus has taught.

To do so would be to deprive people of saving truths that were meant for all time.

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Sexual sins, then, are not just between a man and a woman, but between the couple and God. You need to ask yourself: “When do I stop being a Christian? When does my relationship with God cease to matter? But, really, how does what we do with our own bodies affect our relationship with each other and our spiritual relationship with God?

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