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If you love horror-ish movies about chatting and web-stuff, then perhaps, but there are still a lot of better choices out there. Kind of a shame with this movie, because it is pretty well made.

That one web-cam chick there is pretty hot, and you know.. I would just not recommend this movie to anyone, really.

So, when a movie is boring to the point of not being entertaining, well, that movie has pretty much failed, no?

It is a problem when a movie you expect to be horror, instead focuses on the "drama", as if to say: hey, we have a small budget, but we can make a gripping movie none the less! Movies are made to entertain, that is their only purpose.

I'm a very down to earth person with a big heart & friendly. Please do not bring your rude, mean or negative comments to my room.Emily feels distant from her parents and does not feel like she gets enough attention.Mo thinks he is a pedophile because he is attracted to his friend's prepubescent sister, Keisha (Rebecca Mc Lintock).Please check my room topic, or room ads for what I am offering each day. Yes: toys / fingering / JOI / Dildo BJ / Dildo HJ / Chat / Outfit requests / Cum shows. PLEASE ask FIRST if you're wanting something not mentioned here. NO I don't do Date Raffles, NO I don't sell panties. VIDEOS: YOU MUST Include your EMAIL ADDRESS in the tip note so that I can send the videos to you!Videos are for 1 download ONLY and you MUST save them.

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Jim is another loner who is suffering from depression following his father leaving him and his mother.

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