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Mr Dirzo said the study’s results showed “a biological annihilation occurring globally, even if the species these populations belong to are still present somewhere on Earth”.The research also found more that 30 per cent of vertebrate species were declining in size or territorial range.The authors concluded that population extinction were more frequent than previously believed and a “prelude” to extinction .“So Earth’s sixth mass extinction episode has proceeded further than most assume,” the study said.He cited the example of birds, bats and insects that control pests and help to maintain high-yield agriculture to feed the world’s 7.5 billion people.Mike Barrett, director of science and policy at WWF-UK, said the study’s findings highlighted “the urgent need to take action to save the world’s wildlife”.The research’s lead author Mr Ceballos said the massive loss of populations and species “reflects our lack of empathy” towards wildlife."It is a prelude to the disappearance of many more species and the decline of natural systems that make civilisation possible,” he said.

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Some of these species, for example, contribute to crop pollination, pest control and wetlands’ water purification.

The researcher also said the disappearance of species threatened to damage the broader, intricate ecological network of animals, plants and microorganisms which could cause ecosystems to become less resilient and affect species’ ability to survive in a rapidly changing world.

“When considering the frightening assault on the foundations of human civilisation, one must never forget that Earth’s capacity to support life, including human life, has been shaped by life itself,” the paper stated.

In 2015, another study co-authored by Mr Ehrlich concluded that the Earth had entered a sixth era of mass extinction.

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This includes habitat loss, over-exploitation, invasive organisms, pollution, toxification, climate change and a potential large-scale nuclear war.

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