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Red Rocks Amphitheatre is literally built into the side of a huge red rock, making it one of the most spectacular venues in the world. It’s a burger topped with fried pepper rings and haystack onions, on an egg bun.

With shows almost every night in the summer, it’s easy to find something worth going to. In ski towns and other smaller communities around Colorado, it’s relatively normal to see a person hitchhiking on the side of the road and it’s relatively normal to see them get picked up fairly quickly.

That combined with the sun reflecting off of the snow can make for some very quick sunburns.

It’s always easy to tell who skis a lot just by checking out their goggle tan line.

Even though they got crushed in the Super Bowl last year, it wouldn’t be surprising if Peyton managed to help the team bring home a ring soon.

The Rockies aren’t always the best team in the league, and sometimes they lose a lot of games.

Otherwise, you’ll end up nauseas and extremely fatigued. If you overdo it you’ll be stuck on the couch for days. A deep-fried treat unique to Colorado, Rocky Mountain Oysters aren’t actually seafood at all, they’re bull testicles.

Ski season is long in Colorado, typically starting in November and sometimes lasting until the Fourth of July.

Some brave Coloradan thought it would be a great idea to fry them up, and the tradition stuck.

The speed limit on the interstate is 75 miles-per-hour, but it feels a lot faster when cars are whipping down a mountainside.

Every Coloradan is expected to love at least three different sports, depending on what season it is.

Sure, there’s skiing and snowboarding in the winter, but the summer months shine a whole new light on Colorado making things like white water rafting, rock climbing, and mountain biking possible.

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While there isn’t a town called “South Park,” there is an area that goes by that name.

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