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If your lender responds to a disputed item with a correction, they are required to report that corrected information to any credit reporting company to which they provide their data,” according to Sweet.Some people think that disputing information on your credit report can hurt your credit scores, but that is not true.Each credit report differs in how information is presented, but here’s a breakdown of what you’ll typically find: Here’s a sample credit report [pdf] from Experian explaining the different parts of your report: As you audit your credit report, pay close attention to these areas: Missed Payments Your payment history makes up the biggest part of your credit scores, so any past-due amounts or late payments will damage your scores (especially missed mortgage payments).

CREDIT TIP: You can keep a close eye on the credit activity that is being reported for you simply by requesting a free credit report every four months.

Recent Credit Accounts If you’ve recently taken out a loan or credit card, you’ll want to make sure it’s appearing on your credit report.

New credit accounts can signal risk (and could lower your scores at first), but the added credit mix and consistent payment history will likely improve your scores over time.

Credit reports are your credit references, as reported by your lenders.

And, unfortunately, some lenders may accidentally report inaccurate information about your payment history.

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If you need to fix your credit report, here are the steps to take (and online apps you need) to get your credit report updated quickly, without paying hundreds of dollars to “credit repair” clinics.

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