Daily record dating site

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Daily record dating site

Whether you're about to head out on a road trip or just want to see what the weather's like in the mountains, thedailycourier.com's Trip Check page is for you.Check out the latest pictures from Webcams throughout our region, all on one page that we've custom designed for Southern Oregonians, using Oregon Department of Transportation cameras. The Daily Courier's Dealer Bargains are a great place to start your search.

They lost out because label honcho Jerry Wexler told the artist his song "Piano Man" sounded too much like Jerry Jeff Walker's 1968 hit "Mr. Stop." — Joel didn’t want to marry his first wife, Elizabeth, back in the early ’70s because he was only 24.Bob Crouse can put names to the fields he farms at the city-owned River Road Reserve, located about three miles due west from downtown Grants Pass. Close to the Rogue River, there's the little and big Weston fields with "Uncle Raymond's" field to the east, near the Seabach field.To the north is the Johnson field, east of "the rock pile" and the Mueller field.Fireworks, sparklers and noisemakers can be popular accessories in ringing in the new year. Local animal shelter workers say fireworks and any other big noisemakers can scare animals enough to run away."Any holiday where people celebrate with fireworks, we see an influx of animals here," said Laura Milnes, coordinator of the Josephine County Animal Shelter.

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Looking at their wedding pics he remarked, “this man looks like he’s getting booked for a crime.” — Even with "Piano Man" on the radio, the like-named album netted Joel less than $8000 in its breakthrough year.

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