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The requirement to list hyperlinked resources applies recursively (i.e., all Publication Resources hyperlinked from hyperlinked Publication Resources also have to be listed, and so on.).All Publication Resources hyperlinked to from the attribute allows Reading Systems to distinguish content that a user needs to access as part of the default reading order from supplementary content which might, for example, be presented in a popup window or omitted from an aural rendering.This specification supports internationalized resource naming, so elements and attributes that reference Publication Resources accept IRIs as their value.For compatibility with older Reading Systems that only accept URIs, resource names need to be restricted to the ASCII character set.All examples in this specification are informative. This approach allows the metadata to be processed in its native form, avoiding the potential problems and information loss caused by translating to use the minimal Package Document structure.In keeping with this philosophy, the Package Document only has the following minimal metadata requirements: it that uniquely identifies a specific version of it.The following example shows a reference to a remote audio file that has to be referenced from the manifest (the audio is rendered inline in the XHTML Content Document so it is a Publication Resource).

Reproduction and dissemination of this work with changes is prohibited except with the written permission of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF).element is used to indicate that the given EPUB Publication is of a specialized type (e.g., annotations or a dictionary packaged in EPUB format).The IDPF maintains an informative registry of specialized EPUB Publication types for use with this element in [ attribute takes a property data type value that defines the statement being made in the expression; the text content of the element represents the assertion.Feedback on this document can be provided to the EPUB Working Group's mailing list or issue tracker.This document is governed by the IDPF Policies and Procedures.], an interchange and delivery format for digital publications based on XML and Web Standards.

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change with each minor revision to the package or its contents, as Unique Identifiers are intended to have maximal persistence both for referencing and distribution purposes.

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