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Jools admits to being a 'total control freak' as a mother, to the point where she avoids play dates for her girls because she worries about whether the other mums at their school 'drive safely and strap their children in'.She screams with laughter when I mention the hand wash (which has the antibacterial strength to resist MRSA) in her downstairs loo, acknowledging that she is very 'overprotective' of her girls, which sometimes causes friction between her and Jamie.You can live in a council tower block and still have wonderful ethics – read your children stories every night, take them to places like a farm at the weekend.If Jamie and I lost everything, I would still raise them in the same way. Jools uses the word 'normal' a lot, and it is to her credit that she has maintained a sense of normality – along with those sound family values – in the wake of the extraordinary international success of her husband.Indeed, one of the reasons why she decided to write the book was her frustration at not being able to find simple, well-written contemporary stories that would resonate with her daughters Poppy, six, and Daisy, five.'All the books that I was buying for my girls were so hard to read – and grammatically incorrect – that they drove me mad.

The couple come from the same area in Essex and met when they were both 17.

Juliette Norton (Jools is her nickname) was the youngest of three daughters of stockbroker Maurice – who suffered a stroke when she was nine, and died after another stroke in 1997, when she was 22 – and his wife Felicity.

Jools put her own career – she worked briefly as a model before becoming a TV researcher – on hold to pursue her life's ambition, and the longed-for babies arrived (Poppy thanks to IVF in 2002, Daisy naturally in 2003).

People say, "Oh, you can't trust a man 100 per cent," but I'm afraid I say I can.

They say every man will have an affair, but I really don't think mine will.

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I never bother him when he's at work, but when he has the kids I will ring to say, "Have you eaten yet, because it's one o'clock?