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It's not too difficult to picture - and believe me, we have pictured it - that two of the sexiest actors in Hollywood, after spending day-after-day on set, finally get jiggy with it.

Days before the episode was filmed, a local radio station announced that it had gotten a copy of the episode’s script and planned to read it out loud on the air.As De Generes would tell Oprah she had always felt it wasn’t anyone’s business to know whom she was dating.But hiding became hard: “Then I realized that as long as I had this secret that I worried about all the time that it made it look like something was wrong.”The writers built it up slowly.In 1994 Joely won critical acclaim for her performance in the drama Sister, My Sister. NIP/TUCK star Joely Richardson has split from her toyboy co-star JOHN HENSLEY.

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Joely Richardson has become a big player, with starring roles in Disney 101 Dalmatians (1996), the limp Maybe Baby (2000) and alongside Mel Gibson in war drama The Patriot (2000). The daughter of director Tony Richardson and Vanessa Redgrave, her sister Natasha is also an actress.

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  1. Aside from 2-3 weeks of intensity, the remainder of our five month ‘relationship’ was hot and cold, where both the frequency of seeing each other and the level of contact went downhill and I just didn’t know what to expect or what the hell was going on.