Dating policy manager subordiante company dating

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Dating policy manager subordiante company dating

As a person of integrity who had no intention of dumping her friends because of her promotion, she felt that her only option was to leave the company to seek promotional opportunities elsewhere.So, she did and thus the company and the employee ended up in a lose—lose situation that could have been prevented with a less stringent fraternization policy.Any relationship that interferes with the company culture of teamwork, the harmonious work environment or the productivity of employees, will be addressed by applying the progressive discipline policy up to and including employment termination.

Her company had a strict fraternization policy that affected managers and supervisors that allowed no relationships with coworkers outside of the workplace.They adversely affect the careers of both employees with regard to advancement opportunities, choices of jobs, and assignments.They adversely affect the company's flexibility and consequently, may have an impact on our service to customers.People have broken up with serious romantic partners. You also want to identify the relationships that are forbidden because of their potential impact at work.As with any policy, develop the policy for the good of the working relationships in a whole group of employees.

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Don't put a policy in place to control the behavior of a few employees whose behavior is out of line.

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