Dating pressure and harrasment top 10 intimidating cars

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Dating pressure and harrasment

In response to this new account, Oreskes told CNN, "I had absolutely no intention to offend or harass.I'm deeply sorry for allowing myself to say anything that would be taken that way." Another newsroom where Oreskes previously worked, the Associated Press, is also under pressure to address the matter.Numerous sources throughout the organization -- including correspondents and hosts -- told CNN that they have lost confidence in Mohn as a result of the scandal.

AP executive editor Sally Buzbee seemingly responded to the petition on Friday with a memo to staff in which she reminded them of the organization's procedures for reporting and dealing with harassment.

After dinner, "he suddenly kissed me on the lips," she said.

Later in the evening, he texted her, "Wow that was really special.

Or you're special." She said she cried herself to sleep that night, fearing his power.

Oreskes texted her again several times, but she did not respond. The texts stopped on October 12, which is around the same time the two women with 20-year-old accusations contacted NPR.

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But the full board was not notified until October 31, which was the same day the Washington Post published a story about the allegations. Meanwhile, there are new indications that Oreskes' behavior continued right up until a few weeks ago.