Dating restrictions in the church

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Dating restrictions in the church

This essentially made the Spanish monarch the highest power of Church and State in its overseas territories.In the early conquest era of Mexico, the formal institutions of Church and State had not been established.Mendicants did not usually function as parish priests, administering the sacraments, but mendicants in early Mexico were given special dispensation to fulfill this function.The Franciscans, the first-arriving mendicants staked out the densest and most central communities as their bases for conversion.President Manuel Avila Camacho (1940–1946) came to office declaring "I am a [Catholic] believer," (soy creyente) and Church-State relations improved though without constitutional changes.A major change came in 1992, with the presidency of Carlos Salinas de Gortari (1988–1994).The justification of Spanish (and Portuguese) overseas conquests was to convert the existing populations to Christianity.The pope granted the Spanish monarch (and the crown of Portugal) broad concessions termed the Patronato Real or Royal Patronage, giving the monarch the power to appoint candidates for high ecclesiastical posts, collection of tithes and support of the clergy, but did not cede power in matters of doctrine or dogma.

In Tlaxcala, some young converts were murdered and later touted as martyrs to the faith.

The 1992 federal Act on Religious Associations and Public Worship (Ley de Asociaciones Religiosas y Culto Público), known in English as the Religious Associations Act or (RAA), has affected all religious groups in Mexico.

During the conquest, the Spaniards pursued a dual policy of military conquest, bringing indigenous peoples and territory under Spanish control, and spiritual conquest, that is, conversion of indigenous peoples to Christianity.

The Catholic Church was a privileged institution until the mid nineteenth century.

It was the sole permissible Church in the colonial era and into the early Mexican Republic, following independence in 1821.

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