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Instead, its fun and allows people to connect in the way you dating connect in person, without all the pressure. Each session melds 5 men and 5 women and each topic draws different personalities. Brooks agrees, the facial recognition and editing is better-suited to would be casual daters.

The service is free but soon will introduce a premium service, that users will have to pay for. I had been looking at browser voice and video and trying to think of new applications.

If you meet the woman of your dreams, you’ll find out quickly that she’s already seeing somebody.

Right now we're giving people unlimited Woo credit, so it's currently free. However, if you decide that the ad is annoying, you can reject it — just like any of the other participants in the session.

What we've done is a much more sophisticated platform.

This post also appears on Internet Dating Investments. Eyealike offers facial recognition systems for enterprises customers and online dating and social network sites.

The full article was originally published at PR Web, but is no longer available. Sokols says that Woo Me is already in discussions with one of the top three dating sites in the US to offer its video sessions as an add-on; later, it may offer a white-label version to other companies that have a use for it for example, a recruiting firm that wants to interview batches of candidates.

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One analyst estimated Woo Me's valuation to be $41 million at the time it received funding.

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