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Dbml not updating designer cs

When you work with queries for your data store, you quickly realize that they now work and behave as if they are types in the system. NET-compliant language and query the underlying data store as you never have before.Looking at the figure, you can see that there are different types of LINQ capabilities, depending on the underlying data that you are going to work with in your application.From the list, you find the following LINQ technologies: As a developer, you are given class libraries that provide objects that, using LINQ, can be queried as any other data store can.Objects are really nothing more than data that is stored in memory.We always have a problem that not updating automatically when we add new controls in markup or the designer, and if we want to get it in code behind, it doesn’t show up. I have met this problem when I add a usercontrol in aspx file. When you create a LINQ to SQL item, VS creates a and a .file for the database connection specified.

It is not just about querying single tables within the database.For instance, if you call the table in the same database, LINQ will use the relations of the tables and make the query on your behalf.LINQ will query the database and load up the data for you to work with from your code (again, strongly typed). To add this database to your application, right-click the solution you are working with and select Add Existing Item. NET Language Integrated Query Framework (LINQ) in C# 2010 to be one of the more exciting features the language has to offer.Basically, what LINQ provides is a lightweight façade over programmatic data integration.

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