Dealing with intimidating employees

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Dealing with intimidating employees

Although discussions of workplace violence in the wake of the Virginia shooting have centered around how employers can handle volatile employees, this isn’t just an issue for managers: The people who have to work side-by-side with short-tempered or confrontational workers also need tools to cope with these difficult colleagues.Obviously, the vast majority of people — even the most unpleasant ones — never commit violence, but working with them can be mentally and emotionally draining.How to Deal Effectively with Threats and Threatening Behavior. Responding to threats in the workforce a best practice guide. Intimidation is a form of threat and is designed to produce feelings of fear. US secretary of state said over the weekend that Israel would be more isolated globally if Congress killed Iran nuclear deal. You should also consider whether the intimidation is Intimidation. “Do not touch the individual, and do not engage in any threatening nonverbal behavior such as pointing your finger or getting in his or her personal space,” Mattice says.You might also consider meeting with them in a public place or “neutral territory” in the workplace, and having another person in the room or nearby. Just like you wouldn’t step in front of a speeding car to stop it, experts say getting involved in a physical confrontation is a bad idea.You may encounter many types of threat over the course of your life. A popular technique among bullies is making people do things that they do not want to do by using threats and intimidation.

The way that you respond will depend upon what the person is holding over you and how much you have to lose. Make sure that you don't give in before you've considered other ways out. “This prevents the other person from ‘winning the argument,’ and focuses on their inappropriate behavior,” Maxfield says. “Hearing our own name causes us to stop and pay attention, and using it several times is a way to subtly take control of the situation,” says Catherine Mattice, owner of consulting company Civility Partners. “When tempers flare, adrenaline flows,” Lacey says.This cranks up your heartbeat and breathing rate, and primes your body for a fight-or-flight response. This expert suggests using a cease and desist letter to neutralize workplace bullies. Well, the first thing is to recognize it for what it is.

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Rather than getting sucked into a squabble, take a figurative step back and tell them, “I need for this to be a professional conversation,” he says.