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Delphi 7 updating

If that is the case you need to manually fix stuff. While enabling my Delphi application for high-DPI I’ve noted some controls would fail to be properly sized or displayed. Or even better, find a 4K display device (say a laptop) with default scaling set (probably to something) higher than 100% (let’s say 250% or even more).

A quick fix here is to set correctly the Item Heigh property by a simple line like this: Note: Mul Div function multiplies two values and then divides the result by a third value. Those include: TColor Box, TStatus Bar, TCombo Box with Style set to cs Owner Draw Fixed / cs Owner Draw Variable. And TImage Lists I use for menus and toolbars and alike – oh my that was a long drive. Lucky you if you are using some control from a 3rd party vendor and the vendor thought of high dpi when designing the control (saying: did correctly implement the Change Scale method). Well, for the how part: you need to figure out what property of the control is responsible for final display appearance . I needed an even that is fired when all forms are constructed and when all run time controls are added to the user interface. For the where part: I’m using the After Construction method of the form. In most cases I do all the setup in On Create so After Construction is when everything is finished. The Help states that Pixels Per Inch represents the proportion of the font on the system on which the form was designed. When scaling is used Windows changes the logical number of pixels per inch – so the Screen.What actually happens (when the Scaled property is set to true) is that when the application starts the saved/stored value of the Pixels Per Inch will be compared to the value of Screen. Now, TScreen’s Pixels Per Inch indicates the number of screen pixels that make up a logical inch in the vertical direction. Pixels Per Inch will be higher for scaled displays.

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In fact, the TControl class has the Change Scale method which should “fix” the control so it displays correctly on higher values for logical pixels per inch property.

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