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Diablo sport updating

The Charger has been a test bed for a series of evaluations over the last year.Currently, the Hemi has SOS coils from Performance Distributors, AMSOIL products throughout the drivetrain, a pair of TTI long-tube headers and full exhaust, and a Trickflow underdrive damper installed.“Our guiding principle,” Dolan said, “is to make it easy for anyone to get the biggest power gains.We created a new tuning mode called ‘Easy Tune’ that gets rid of the guess work.” Easy Tune lets users choose their fuel grade and then adjust parameters like tire size, gears, and speed limiters by answering yes or no questions.When the Predator arrived, the package included the P2 tuner and integrated OBDII cable, a USB cable to connect to a PC with internet access for product updates, a California Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order (E. D-770 sticker (to be placed in the glovebox or affixed to the driver’s side door jamb), an instruction manual, and a Diablo Sport sticker.Before any tuning could begin, the P2 required a software download.The new in Tune has a better touch screen, faster processing speeds, and a completely overhauled user interface.“Diablo Sport has always been a name synonymous with performance tuning” said Dan Dolan, Sales & Marketing Manager at Diablo Sport, “and the i2 is really going to take the tuning experience to the next level.” The basics of their new in Tune i2 are the same as all previous Diablo Sport tuners: install aftermarket tunes that make more horsepower.

Clicking on the “Ignition” icon started the software program and any updates for the Predator automatically downloaded.

If additional options were available, the user could select the options.

Once all the updates were completed, the “Ignition” software signaled on the PC’s screen that all the P2 updates were finalized. The Charger was strapped to the Pennsylvania College of Technology’s Mustang chassis dynamometer.

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The i2 is also the most connected Diablo Sport device ever made.