Eliot kennedy dating

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Eliot kennedy dating

More recently, as producer for artist development on 2011’s X Factor, he helped Little Mix to become the next big thing as the first group to win in the programme’s history. Now he is turning up the volume in a bid to make some real noise with a project to firmly establish Sheffield and his studio as a world centre for artist development.He’s set to launch Eliot Kennedy’s Steelworks Academy, or EKSA, which aims to help transform today’s talented newcomers into tomorrow’s pop superstars.

Eliot wants to record Producer James song for Cash For Kids!Tourist body Welcome to Yorkshire announced today it wants to give the piece of cultural heritage new appeal to the younger generation, following claims last year that the classic is dying out.Also working on the updated song is Grimethorpe Colliery Band.My vocal chords are renowned across the nation and I hope Yorkshire and the rest of the world will sit up and take notice of this valuable piece of Yorkshire heritage. “When you have pride in your roots, there’s nothing more fun and joyous than singing about it.

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So we've put a photo of Producer James in his speedos on our Facebook Page and he's agreed that if we get enough likes he'll do it!