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It’s intended to be a place of compassion, hope, and respect for all points of view that are expressed with kindness.

It can be said in as few words as a poem I wrote using a set of word magnets on my refrigerator.

In this day and age, most priests do not have the theology or confidence to leave and will choose the priesthood over marriage.The woman may hope that the priest is in a discernment period during these cycles—and he may well be.Many priests have left the priesthood to become husbands and (true) fathers, men of faith and family.The woman will want to make excuses for him and will probably always love him.But never forget that "yes he did use you." Emotionally, sexually, to meet his unmet needs—and in doing so, the priest along with his "bride" Catholicism, has also damaged the woman spirituality to some extent.

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After a woman lays the situation out for what it is, and gives a necessary ultimatum of either growth in the relationship or an end to it, the priest's first reaction is going to be fear.