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Fuck chats

As a graduation gift, my parents sent us on a seven day Alaska cruise.It was while we were in Skagway at one of the saloons popular with tourists that I asked Jennifer to marry me. The wedding was normal by any standard and we rented a house not too far from "the junkyard" which is what most drivers called their company location. Jennifer got pregnant and our first child, Jonathan Russell Lemoine was born and Jennifer resigned from the company to become a stay at home mom. For the last 44 years his life was my mother, me and then the company.

If it was a cunt and available I ate it; fingered it; fisted it or fucked it. I thought my summer with Jennifer was great, but I learned plenty about Louisiana women during those first two years in Baton Rouge.All in all our relationship was growing and we seemed to grow with it.She was now the only person I wanted to spend time outside of the company with and it was the same with her. I found that being in an air conditioned office and being clean was much better than working in the garage. She seemed to know her way around a dick and I certainly didn't mind letting her refine her skills with me. She also apparently enjoyed the company of one of senior members of the safety office staff. When I turned 18, and the summer between my Junior and Senior years in high school my father moved me in to the front office to "learn the business". Since we were a 48 State and Canada operation, our drivers could (and would) spend up to two weeks on the road without coming through Lake Charles.

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Those times when I came she would savor the taste of my cum and roll it around in her mouth like it was the first taste out of a bottle of newly opened wine before she slowly swallowed it. As I said, she was my first and as I found out during my ensuing college years, she was the best!! I found out from her that two other guys had fucked her before me and that we were all three endowed about the same. I also found that my social life had taken a big hit.

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