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By default it will have a single page (Default.aspx) as well as a web.config file.

All project file-meta-data is stored within a MSBuild based project file.

Send Async(Mail Message, Object) Sends the specified e-mail message to an SMTP server for delivery.

The following table lists some of these commonly used classes: Dispose(Boolean) Sends a QUIT message to the SMTP server, gracefully ends the TCP connection, releases all resources used by the current instance of the Smtp Client class, and optionally disposes of the managed resources.

This method does not block the calling thread and allows the caller to pass an object to the method that is invoked when the operation completes. Mail Public Class Form1 Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles My Base. Click Try Dim Smtp_Server As New Smtp Client Dim e_mail As New Mail Message() Smtp_Server.

NET Application Framework for Editing Objects at Run Time Article: Create a Crystal Report from ADO.

NET (Wrox): Sample Chapter Beginning C# (Wrox Publishing): Sample Chapter Bind a String Array List Object to a Win Forms Data Grid Bind Form Values to Class Values in VB.

Send Mail Async(String, String, String, String) Sends the specified message to an SMTP server for delivery as an asynchronous operation. The message sender, recipients, subject, and message body are specified using String objects.

When the above code is executed and run using Start button available at the Microsoft Visual Studio tool bar, it will show the following window, which you will use to send your e-mails, try it yourself.

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