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Kosher Dills were made using ancient techniques in the fall in sufficient quantities that would last through the long cold winters of Russia.When droves of Russian and other eastern European Jews emigrated to New York during the late 1800s, their beloved Kosher Dill Pickles came to America with them.Whether it's with dill, garlic or chili pepper, the unforgettable taste of Artisan Pickles has earned them a revered spot in restaurants, gourmet shops, and homes all across the world.If you're just becoming familiar with the wide world of small-batch, Artisan Pickles, you'll soon discover not all Dill Pickles are alike.Pickles are mentioned in the Bible and in ancient works by Shakespeare.

How Pickles Are Made: Pickles are made by immersing fresh cucumbers (or other fruits and vegetables) in an acidified liquid or saltwater brine until they are no longer vulnerable to spoilage.

Intense, tangy, robust -- few things compare to its wild flavor.

For creating Pickles in the first place, we owe thanks to people who lived thousands of years ago.

There is no doubt that the art of pickling began as a necessity, as ancient people searched for methods to preserve their crops for extended periods of time.

Before the advent of refrigeration, Pickles helped families get through long, cold winters in many parts of the world.

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Before long, Pickles were being sold on pushcarts in the immigrant tenement districts of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.