How to start a dating agency business

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How to start a dating agency business

Startup Expenses: 0The most important investment you need to make in this home business is advertising.

People cannot access your dating services if they do not know about them.

Therefore, you need to advertise with a variety of mediums. Advertise on community bulletin boards and free websites like craigslist.

After you build a client base, you can expand to other web and television advertising.

Compu Date has purchased the assets of Date Match Maker and is a sole proprietorship owned by Suzie Butterfly.

No matter which approach you choose, starting a business like this will require a detailed application that prospective daters can fill out.

Include places for applicants to talk about their work, family, religious and social activities.

It is also important to include a place for them to talk about the qualities they are looking for in a prospective match.

Once you have developed a great application, it’s time to start matchmaking!

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Compu Date will obtain pleasant profit margins for years two and three respectively.