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I look forward to sharing Britain's National Portrait Gallery, Naples and ancient Troy with my beloved.On, then, to my first, fateful matchmaker encounter, conducted via Skype.

Any deviation could just as easily be not an aide memoire for an imam, but evidence of editing and change, as Islam was being developed in the latter part of the seventh century and the early part of the eighth,” Spencer said.Kailen is sporting a baseball hat bearing the legend: LOVE.I have put my laptop on a box so she is not forced to look up at me from beneath several chins.She is also, as she makes clear, 'impossible to con', despite my bringing her a British bribe - a jar of Marmite.I decide to get the upper hand by interviewing her. 'I became a life coach in the early Nineties,' she tells me, 'back when we called it "image consulting".

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Our hero is an 'old soul', longing for happiness after a turbulent past, hunting for a woman to love him for who he is: a man who loves the outdoors and yearns to start a family - who also, thanks to family money, just happens to be rich as Croesus.

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