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Despite the fact that its efficacy was considered superior to all other second-generation antidepressant medications, the degree to which it was superior was not statistically significant compared to Lexapro, Paxil, and Effexor.

Other off-label uses for Remeron include: helping curb symptoms of drug withdrawal, treating the negative symptoms of schizophrenia, reducing Parkinson’s disease psychosis, and to treat anorexia in cats.

Quitting any antidepressant “cold turkey,” including Remeron is thought to yield more severe withdrawal symptoms than if you conduct a gradual taper.

By tapering, you allow your body and brain to gradually adjust to changes in dosage.

When you take an antidepressant every day for years, your body and brain become reliant on it for functioning.

Those who took Remeron for shorter periods of time will likely have less severe withdrawal symptoms and shorter durations of withdrawal than long-term users.

When coming off of any antidepressant, there are going to be various factors that influence both the severity and duration of withdrawal symptoms.

It is thought that individuals taking the minimum dose of 15 mg should have an easier time withdrawing than those taking higher doses (e.g. If you are on a higher dosage, you will likely need to conduct a gradual taper in order to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

However this doesn’t mean that everyone is going to feel back to their normal selves within one month of their last dose.

How quickly you recover from withdrawal symptoms and adjust back to normal functioning will likely be influenced by individual circumstances including: your sensitivity to withdrawals, how quickly you tapered, and whether you are taking other drugs.

Most people start taking Remeron at a dose of 15 mg per day before going to sleep.

Although there isn’t a relationship between dosage increase and effectiveness for treating major depression, some patients may benefit from increased dosages.

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During the withdrawal process it is important to avoid comparing your recovery to that of other people as each person usually recovers at a different rate.