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The photo she posted was taken during that meeting. Drake and Nicki haven't spoken since they recorded "Truffle Butter" in 2014.She purposely stayed on the sidelines during his beef with then bf Meek Mill. 5 -- one week later she was chopping it up with Drake, and we're told everything's cool between the labelmates now.They hit back basically saying “for sure, it’s mad good”. Now THAT’S #Queen Tingz Blessings & Merry Christmas. The only thing that could have made @Farruko Official, @badbunny PR & @Rvssian HCR's "Krippy Kush" better is a remix with @NICKIMINAJ & @trvis XX.It always inspires me like ‘Damn, if Weezy is going this hard, I gotta step my game up.’ Because I’m nowhere close to where he is.”, Nicki said, “Not only is he my boss, but he’s also like my brother.” She went on to say that while Wayne was being “crazy and funny” during the video shoot, teasing her, he also “refused to touch me, he’s so respectful. In many instances since these, the love and respect have only gotten stronger.He’s a southern gentleman.” In rare behind the scenes moments of Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj hanging out, you get glimpes of what looks like two college students who are great friends, have sexual chemistry, and tease each other about it all the time, while trying not to cross the line. Nicki has brought Weezy out on stage at multiple shows, reiterated her love for him on Instagram multiple times, and continuously repeated the fact that he is “the Best Rapper Alive.” Seeing a relationship such as this one stay so strong through 9 years of ups and downs, in an industry that can be as cut-throat as they come, makes Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj fans very happy, and at least a little bit proud.

Unsuccessful attempts at bringing up Shanell and Chanel West Coast were both unsuccessful.

Drake immediately called label honcho Mack Maine, and said ... " Mack quickly set up a meeting for the full Young Money roster that turned into a peace summit.

We're told Drake hopped on a jet to Miami on January 12, and sat down with Nicki and Wayne.

“And I just signed a chick named Nicki Minaj.” That line from Da Drought 3’s masterpiece “Upgrade,” an incredible freestyle of Beyonce ft.

Jay Z’s original single, was the first time most Lil Wayne fans ever heard of the now legendary Queens native rapper.

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