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It was too close.” It took the now 51-year-old a long time to bow out of the marriage she claimed was troubled very early on.

Combine that with the huge ego that goes along with being famous,” Linda told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column while promoting the new book.But Hogan has made his own accusations against his ex-wife.In 2009 the wrestling champ-turned-reality star got his word out in his own autobiography “My Life Outside the Ring,” and claimed she was an alcoholic who was abusive to their children. “My marriage to Linda was very toxic and very negative. Is he threatening to sue you over the book as well? Have you gotten wind from Hulk if he's thoroughly unpleased?

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Linda Bollea: Yes, it's final and – Perez Hilton: Because it took a while and what was that divorce process like because it wasn't quick, and there was a lot of money involved, and all that?

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