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His parents, hardworking German-Americans, had had a farm.He described them as kindhearted people who would do anything for him—“except discuss sex.” Every morning, he said, his mother got dressed in her closet, and he never witnessed either of his parents exhibiting an interest in sex.I know a married man and father of two who bought a twenty-one-room motel near Denver many years ago in order to become its resident voyeur. The Seventies, later part, brought another sexual deviation forward, namely, group sex, which I took great interest in watching . My main objective in wanting to provide you with this confidential information is the belief that it could be valuable to people in general and sex researchers in particular.

—I looked beyond my home to learn what I could about people’s private lives.” He did not have to look far, he said, steering the car toward the suburb of Aurora, where his motel was situated.As Foos drove us to the motel, he took the opportunity to sketch out the story of his life for me.He explained that he had met Donna in high school in a farming town called Ault, about sixty-five miles outside of Denver, and that the two had been married since 1960.I had known him for barely half an hour, and he was unburdening himself to me about his masturbatory fixations and the origins of his voyeurism. He told me that he was a virgin through high school.As a journalist, I do not recall meeting anyone who required less of me than he did. It was only after joining the Navy, serving in the Mediterranean and the Far East, and training as an underwater demolition specialist that he enlarged his knowledge of sex under the guidance of bar girls.

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He wore a tan jacket and an open-collared dress shirt that seemed a size small for his heavily muscled neck.

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