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So that means that when you say you love me to the moon and back, you are saying that you love me with every drop of blood your heart has produced and will ever produce.

""Ok, but what does this have to do with the fact that I just said I love you to the moon and back? In a lifetime, the heart produces enough energy to drive to the moon and back.

I tilt my head to look at Calum, waiting for his reaction. Louis has too, so really why does it matter who they were to each other? Most of them are original ideas, others are inspired by songs or other imagines.

And if there is life after this one, I will find you and I will love you again until I stop existing." I say calmly, meaning every word I just said. 5SOS Visuals, Preferences and Imagines that I wrote.

” Michael says in a tone that says "I love you to the moon and back...""You know that every day, the heart creates enough energy to drive a truck for 20 miles?

He saw something on Ashton’s fucking coffee.“You act like I put your motherfucking address on his cup sleeve,” Michael rolls his eyes.“‘Cause you’re insane enough to, Clifford,” Calum is exasperated. Why would you—”“I can’t handle your whining anymore, Cal Pal, so I put your number on it!

The lanky teen comes from a wealthy family, his father a businessman and his mother a renowned nurse.

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I wish you'd open up for me, 'cause I want to know you ... In 18th century Europe, Luke and Michael are members of neighboring royal families. “I thought I was going crazy,” Michael said weakly.

Trapped in unhappy lives by seemingly immovable circumstances, they find a way out in each other. His eyes were locked on Ashton’s face as he drank everything in: the way his honey-coloured curls fell artfully across his forehead; the glimmer of his hazel eyes behind his crooked glasses; his heart-shaped lips and the tiny hint of a smirk curving the corner of his mouth.“I thought I’d imagined you,” Michael confessed and the light in Ashton’s eyes went out.“Maybe you did,” he said flatly.

He never expected to find solace in a burlesque dancer.

Luke is a new college student studying art and design in New York City.

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Gerard Way is falling apart, he's screaming for help but no one can hear him. The story of a crazy ghost king with nothing left to lose who thinks Frank, Mikey, Patrick, and Pete are his lost friends and wants them dead, each for a different reason. ” The officer looked the five of them over before jerking his chin towards a table near the entry way.