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Mommy cam chat

In fact, by taking care of myself, I was able to take better care of my family.I love the energy it gave me and I love the way it made me believe in myself and what I was capable of! I have been in the market for a video monitor since finding out I was pregnant with #3.For my first and second child I used a good old-fashioned sound monitor that served me just fine, but I was ready to see what the hype was with video monitors.Here are the things that I love (and don’t love) about the Comfort Cam: What I love about the Comfort Cam: If you are in the market for a video monitor, this is definitely the one for you and at a great price point!For more information check out their website and see the Comfort Cam compared with some other popular monitors here.

This is me (before and after): Pregnancy isn’t an excuse for being unhealthy.

Both of us are moms of two kids and freelance writers and bloggers, having met online in 2010 and then in-person at a Blog Her conference a year later.

Our business idea came about organically on the phone one morning: I was lamenting about the lack of activities for an upcoming playdate and called Cam, as I had done time and time again, for creative ideas and a shopping list.

I earned my Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science, and I started teaching fitness classes and training women to become more fit and healthy in their lives.

Even though I devoted much of my life to being fit and healthy, my struggle with weight came back in full force when I became a mom.

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I wondered: Thankfully, over the course of 3 pregnancies I’ve learned exactly how to manage pregnancy weight gain and how to get my pre-pregnancy body back in a safe and healthy way.