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On occasion, FERC has delayed or rescinded approval of projects that don’t meet specific conditions.

But at every turn, the agency’s process favors pipeline companies, according to Center and State Impact Pennsylvania interviews with more than 100 people, reviews of FERC records and analyses of nearly 500 pipeline cases.

Most commissioners leave FERC to work for industry as well, in some cases lobbying their successors.

It provided a brief statement offering little insight into its pipeline-approval process.In seven cases since 2015, gas already was flowing in the pipeline by the time opponents could challenge it in court.It doesn’t seem that way to Chad Oba, a mental-health counselor from Buckingham County, Virginia.They didn’t want an industrial complex in their rural area, already crisscrossed by four gas pipelines.They questioned its siting amid a largely poor, African-American community founded by freed slaves. Curtis, FERC’s first chairman, envisioned in 1979, when he wrote in congressional testimony that “we must create public confidence …

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At best, FERC officials superficially probe projects’ ramifications for the changing climate, despite persistent calls by the U. Environmental Protection Agency for deeper analyses. FERC’s assessments of need are based largely on company filings.