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Do not use bookmarks you've made in the past to access anything.With the Server change, some things are not named or located where they once were.After many difficult years working to reach our people with the truth of racial realities, he was first to realize the potential of the Internet to promote our Cause.He set up a small dial-up computer bulletin board called Stormfront in 1990, while working on the David Duke for US Senate Campaign.The Archives currently go back to January 2000*, and new archives of each evening's program are typically available within a few hours.And remember - you can also take Jeff with you anywhere, anytime because our Archives are available as downloadable 56k MP3s for use in your portable MP3 player or CD player.He won the Vice-Presidential nomination for the Democratic Party in 1988 New Hampshire, and four years later received double digit percentages of votes in Republican Presidential Primaries.He is one of the best known American and World political figures and has been on Meet the Press three times.

We broadcast five days a week for three years, despite considerable expense and relentless threats against the station by our enemies. Website Blake Sawyer is a health educator, author, radio show host, & trends researcher.

We are proud to have him as one of our hosts on the Rense Radio Network where the First Amendment is still recognized and observed.

Don Black has been an activist fighting for European-American survival for forty-five years, beginning when he was fifteen years old in his home state of Alabama, in the midst of the racial turmoil of the late 60s.

Being deceived, in fact, is now a virtual expectation and hardly-noticed component of our times.

It insidiously desensitizes as it permeates the wreckage of this People Magazine/tabloid/paparazzi celebrity 'culture' of sports, decadence, drugs, sex, celebrity, and massive self-indulgence at every turn...fueled and abetted by the most ruthless, seductive, powerful weapon ever unleashed on human kind - television. Decent principles, values, true character and gentle, kind behavior are all too often mocked and derided...especially among younger people, as programmed by the mass media.

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  1. Matt will be joined each episode by special guest comedians analysing the weeks happenings, and will welcome back his house band MP4, the countrys only rock band made up of current and former parliamentarians.