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Okanagan dating services

Gets lost in the world of the book I'm reading Can't travel anywhere without music Sing random songs or whatever fits my mood when I'm at work Laughs randomly because I remembered something funny Plays video games on a regular basis Writes and Hello Ladies, First and foremost, respect one another and do what it takes to make YOU happy.

We are fortunate to be amazing women and we need to relish and appreciate that fact. Well, I was born and breed in Australia and love to travel.

I find that the lens helps me look and concentrate on what is there to be seen. I am a professional guy who is active, social and fun.

I am a good cook and communicator, heck I even give a good massage.

I love writing, painting, playing music, listening to music, cooking, being a romantic. I am not into playing games, or drama, not interested, whatsoever in such things.

In short, if we take you on as a client, we guarantee you will go out on dates! All that's left to consider is which website is right for your needs.

I am an outgoing, fun, creative girl whose just coming out of my shell and into this great new world with all you girls My name is Jory!

I´m the kind of the girl that smiles at you when you´re walking down the street, that has intense conversations with complete strangers, and laughs at innappropriate times because she feels like it. I´m I am a photographer by trade, so if you see that dazed lookin my eye while I am staring at you I am probly composing an image. I also like to get out and see live bands Planning on being in Sydney, Perth and Adelaide for my Xmas vacation.

I´ve spent the holidays doing some of the things I love: watching movies, reading Hey, My name's Jess Castle.I love the outdoors and music, and I like a girl who isn't afraid to make the first move.obviously I love confidence I currently work as a tour guide for Vancouver Island so I am constantly travelling back and forth.I Pretty much what I'm looking for is someone I could spend some time with. Hi Everyone I´m new to BC, I moved from Toronto two months ago. I am a 53 year old lady looking for that very special person. I play guitar, piano, cello and sing; just not in public, haha.And then eventually maybe get into something a little more serious, but just at the beginning hang out hav a good time. In a nut shell I'm 2 AM and she calls me 'cause I'm still awake, can you help me unravel my latest mistake, I don't love her, winter just wasn't my season Yeah we walk through the doors, so accusing their eyes Like they have any right at all to critisize Hi! I'm 19 and a first-year music student at UBC (I play the saxophone), where I also live - but not in a dorm =). Czech girl, obsessed with travelling, came to Vancouver to start new chapter of her life, love spontaneous decisions, adventure, biking or just lazing around with delicious food, great coffee and nice company..much mooore:-) soft and quiet. I´m not looking for a date I´m looking for friends who´ll introduce me to the Vacouver Gay community. I have tattoos and I am a Secondary Teacher, currently teaching Elementary. - Getting a dog soon:) I am looking for a woman with a healthy amount of confidence that I can communicate with on a deeper level.

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My wife is back from Australia and I´ve moved here about I enjoy exploring people and the outdoors.

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