Optical dating recuperation after bleaching

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Laser-induced thermoluminescence glow curves from Li F, silica, and porcelain are presented.

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Mc Keever, Thermoluminescence of Solids (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1985).

Obtained OSL results in some cases are quite different as compared with the OSL and TL dates obtained during last 10 years by other authors and presented in previous publications relating to this loess profile.

The recuperated OSL signal continues to grow with dose, beyond the dose region where the conventionally measured fast component of the OSL signal is close to saturation.

Kearfottet al., “Numerical Simulation of a TLD Pulsed Laser-heating Scheme for Determination of Shallow Dose and Deep Dose in Low-LET Radiation Fields,” Appl.

Hutton, “3-Dimensional Spectral Studies of The Bleaching of The Thermoluminescence of Feldspars,” Radiation Measurements 23, 367 (1994).

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Absolute dating using luminescence methods is widely applicable in geology, geomor-phology, palaeogeography and in archaeology in establishing ages of sediments and archaeological artefacts.

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