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These two preachers of God are partners in teaching the brethren during worship services, thanksgiving days and other activities, while delegating minor tasks to the ministers-in-charge so that they may attend to greater responsibilities like Bible expositions that cater to non-Filipinos in different countries.

Now, speaking of cowardice, there is a preacher, a leader, who in fear of the Japanese military relinquished his administrative duty and leadership and transferred it to someone else. This is also what I am asking of you that you should not forsake your faithful and wholehearted love of God, in Christ our Lord, in the Word of God written in the Bible, in the Iglesia ni Kristo in the Philippines and in the Pasugo of God in the Last Day. That is a reality in the Iglesia ni Manalo which, ironically, they throw against Bro. Imagine, abandoning your God-given duty in fear of whatsoever power or present danger?

That is why it is noticeable that the direction of thoughts of the speakers in their program is to speak various lies against Bro. If it isn’t cheap and stupid, how will anyone believe such fantasy when every week brethren and guests hear and see Bro. Daniel Razon preaching through live video streaming not only in the Philippines but all over the globe? These liars, they are the ones actually doing what they accuse Bro. He does not hide when it comes to fulfilling his duty of preaching the Word of God by any means possible, in all places reachable, just like what Bro. Unlike the leaders of the Iglesia ni Cristo, a Philippines-based religious sect founded by the late Felix Manalo, what they do is recruit excommunicates from MCGI and use them as puppets to speak against Bro. Some of these MCGI-excommunicates-turned-INC-puppets are Bernardo Santiago, an adulterer who took someone else’s wife and destroyed a family; Daniel “Puto” Veridiano, a rapist of 14 or more minors; and many others who have done abominable things in the Church of God, including Crispy Perez, Freeman Maynes, Nick Abadiano, Yvette Diolata and Lina Gonzalez.The style of lying of these INC recruits lies on the same line, suggesting they were guided.[panoorin] T012-Ano ang batayan o criteria na ang isang mangangaral ay sa Dios?[panoorin] T013-Bakit ang mga naunang mangangaral na sinugo ng Dios ay binigyan ng kaloob na magpagaling ng maysakit at bumuhay ng mga patay?

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[panoorin] T004-Papaano makikilala ang sinugo ng Dios at ang kaniyang intensiyon?