Parna international dating

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Parna international dating

He was abruptly interrupted by another employee who was stocking in the store NOT handling my issue.

This person acted extremely rude, disrespectful and speaking very abrasively and loudly about telling me to go to Walmart if I didn’t have a receipt.

I asked why would you all be selling parts if they are not compatible?

Auto Zone was originally known as Auto Shack and was a part of the Malone & Hyde grocery chain.

The grocery was sold to the Fleming Companies of Oklahoma City and the name Autozone came to be. The company grew quickly in the 80s and had 513 stores in 17 states by 1989. In 1995, the 1000th store was opened in Louisville, KY.

I had to repeat myself several times and finally said ma’am you will have to come in and purchase a whole new starter and then we will refund your money to your card and order you a new one. Why should I have to purchase a new part and I just bought that one and it has not been 6 months and it is already gone out?

She stated she has noticed that for some reason when people come in for Dodge parts they return because the parts are gone out or no longer working.

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Reply Hello, I purchased a Duralast starter for a 2012 Dodge Charger about 2 months ago from 12800 New Halls Ferry Rd, Florissant, MO, 63033 and it is gone out.