Paul banks interpol dating

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Paul banks interpol dating

I look at him like any other music fan would in that this guy is fucking amazing and he has made so much incredible music." It was Banks's relationship with the model-turned-photographer Helena Christensen that put him into the orbit of the U2 singer (Bono and Christensen are good friends), but he refuses to be drawn on whether he and the Dane are still together. Christensen, incidentally, is responsible for the striking photography with this article.He is more forthcoming about how having a girlfriend who's a famous supermodel has made him a paparazzi magnet.

It's clearly a none-too-subtle dig at those who talk about the influence of Joy Division on his music and how uncannily similar his baritone can be with the late Ian Curtis's monotone vocals.

He was vilified, and yet he was right to take a stand.

"Initially, ripping music was seen as fucking The Man and the big, greedy record companies, but of course it was the musicians who got hurt, especially the fledgling ones who would have relied on record label money to go to a studio to make their first album.

"So for bands like that -- or me, for that matter -- you have to tour as much as you can in order for you to be able to do this full time." "But that's just the way it is -- there's no point getting pissed off at it.

It'd be about as futile as getting pissed off at babies crying on planes.

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"I'm done with that period -- and with the Julian Plenti nom de plume.