Paula white dating clint brown

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Paula white dating clint brown

Her allegation: Clinton invited her to a hotel room in 1978, supposedly to talk about his campaign for governor, and starting kissing her.When she resisted, she says, he raped her, in the process bruising her lip. He says he heard the story from Anderson at a dinner in 2007.“One of the things I said was, ‘Who knows what happened here?But let me ask you a question.’ I said, ‘Ted, how many people do you know in your life who’ve been murdered?Three with ties to DNC mysteriously die.” Limbaugh said he recalled Ted Koppel, then-anchor of ABC News’ “Nightline,” routinely having discussions on the issue following the July 20, 1993, death of White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster.In fact, Limbaugh said, he appeared on Koppel’s show.In the case of sexual allegations, such accounts can help bolster the credibility of the “she said” side of the equation.Often, a sexual assault will happen behind closed doors.

Her allegation: Trump in 2005 kissed her directly on the lips after she introduced herself and said she was a receptionist who worked for a company that did business with Trump. She said Crooks called her immediately about the incident as soon as she returned to her desk.When journalists write about incidents that occurred long ago, especially serious allegations such as sexual misconduct, a key goal is to find people who will say that they heard about the incident at the time.Such contemporaneous accounts are essential to establishing the credibility of the allegation because they reduce the chances that a person is making up a story for political purposes.She said that she heard about the incident the day after Stoynoff returned from her assignment.“She was very upset and told me how he shoved her against a wall,” she said.

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“Being from a town of 1,600 people, being naive, I was like, ‘Are you sure he didn’t just miss trying to kiss you on the cheek?