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In 1976, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi changed the origin of the calendar, using the beginning of Cyrus the Great's reign as the first day, rather than the Hejra of Muhammad. The change lasted till the Islamic Revolution in Iran, 1979, at which time the calendar was reverted to Solar Hijri. Afghanistan uses Arabic names of the zodiacal signs; for example the 1978 Saur Revolution took place in the second month of the Solar Hijri calendar (Persian Ordibehesht; Saur is named after Taurus).

The Solar Hijri calendar is the official calendar of the government of Afghanistan, and all national holidays and administrative issues are fixed according to the Solar Hijri calendar.

It specified the origin of the calendar (Hegira of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in 622 CE).

It also deprecated the 12-year cycles of the Chinese-Uighur calendar which were not officially sanctioned but were commonly used.

This determination of starting moment is more accurate than the Gregorian calendar for predicting the date of the vernal equinox, because it uses astronomical observations rather than mathematical rules.For the lunar Hijri calendar used to date Islamic holidays and events, see Islamic calendar.For the Late Ottoman-era solar Hijri calendar, see Rumi calendar.For a succession of Iranian solar calendars, see Iranian calendars.or Shamsi Hijri calendar, and abbreviated as SH, is the official calendar of Iran and Afghanistan.

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