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Besides anchoring a feature story in magazine, the images were made into films in three languages and donated to the local Philippine Eagle Foundation, which used them to spread the word about the plight of the eagle and its forest habitat.“I think our original project and our original films may have bought the eagle time,” says Rettig.And best of all, when Rettig and his crew returned to the ground, the eagles returned.The crew was jubilant, smiling and slapping high-fives.He first traveled to the Philippines with two high school chums in 1977, having never seen the eagle or the country.On the insurrection-wracked island of Mindanao, the young men searched the rugged countryside for nests.“When a Philippine Eagle looks right in your eye and makes eye contact it’s breathtaking,” Rettig says.

Neil Rettig is an internationally renowned wildlife filmmaker who has worked for National Geographic, IMAX, and the BBC over a 40-year career built on the daring and difficult task of trekking into jungles for mountain gorillas, jaguars, Harpy Eagles, and—the Philippine Eagle.

That’s what makes it an especially gripping and important conservation story. The eagle represents the entire future of the tropical forest of the Philippines.” “Bird of Prey” is the film resulting from Rettig’s collaboration with the Cornell Lab.

In August 2017, it was selected as a Special Jury finalist at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. The Cornell Lab joined forces with Rettig and the Philippine Eagle Foundation—based in Davao City—on a conservation media initiative to tell the eagle’s story anew to Filipinos everywhere, from the most remote jungle villages to the highest levels of government. The only conservation group that’s fully focused on the species’ conservation, the Philippine Eagle Foundation is breeding captive eagles; rehabilitating and releasing injured birds; and employing biologists and local “forest guards” to research, track, and protect the few eagles that remain.

The length of a football field was close enough for shots of eagle parents soaring through the forest canopy and flying into the nest, but still too distant to capture this majestic raptor’s personality and intensity.

Day by day, tree by tree, Rettig and his crew hoisted themselves above the ground and built new platforms, each incrementally closer than the one before.

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