Ps3 not updating from usb radiometric dating calculator

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Ps3 not updating from usb

Note that once you’ve done this, the internal flash memory will no longer be used – you cannot choose to download games to one or the other.The drive is accessed from the underside, laid flat.

In order to add a drive to this model, you’ll need to purchase a replacement drive mounting caddy.Slot in carefully, aligning the SATA connectors and secure with the blue screw.Go ahead and boot up – the system will detect a new drive, and ask if you wish to use this to store system data and saves etc.Upgrading your PS3 drive will not void the warranty.I recently bought a new PS3 Super Slim – the latest model – but it only came with a measly 12 GB flash storage.

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On environmental grounds, I couldn’t be happier about the move to digital – but it means local storage needs are growing rapidly.