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Roles in dating

Sometimes Emily Hampshire slips into character during dates.

Things get awkward, the Canadian actress tells ET, when her courter suddenly realizes that she's not Stevie Budd, the deadpan, buttoned-up motel clerk she hilariously portrays on Pop TV's , which just finished airing a critically acclaimed third season earlier this year.

That's how bad my dancing is." Now that Hampshire's earned enough screen cred that even her dates expect to meet the characters she's playing, the actress is freer to select her roles.In fact, Hampshire, who frequently breaks into uproarious giggle fits during our freewheeling interview, couldn't be more infectiously giddy and refreshingly forthcoming."I feel bad that I'm not Stevie for them, that I'm not as cool as Stevie," the 35-year-old actress says."I think she's the most amazing human being in the world.She's all heart and all just pure crazy love." But finding her version of crazy proved tricky.

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"I knew I would get bored just playing the same thing all the time, and this is like the ideal situation.