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Mel Burke is having trouble with her niece, Lennox.As she tries to juggle being a councillor and a guardian, she gets a little overwhelmed. Mel is hesitant to do so until she finds out Lennox wrote a poem about her principal, Miss Lunt (Vernee Watson), that wasn't so nice. Before leaving for a meeting, Joseph "Joe" Longo knocks on her door.In the end, Lewis is taken away by a person they believe is a police officer.However, he was actually hired by Lewis, who escapes the law once again.Melissa & Joey stood as Wednesday's No.1 cable TV telecast at 8 o'clock in Adults 18–34, Women 18–34, Women 18–49 and Females 12–34 Demographics.Season 2 also dominated its cable time period, ranking No.1 across key measures Adults 18–34, Women 18–34, Adults 18–49, Women 18–49, Viewers 12–34 and Females 12–34.Mel then convinces him to stand up for himself and get back his widescreen TV.But the presence of television in the living room ruins Mel's date with a fellow politician (Philipp Karner).

Mel comes back impressed until she finds out Joe paid Lennox fifty dollars to go to the school and apologize to the principal.

They later decide to give him a try being the nanny.

Joe moves into Mel's basement with a meager amount of his belongings, with his ex-wife having kept most of the good stuff.

Julia Duffy guest stars as Mirna Sherwood, Mel and Joe's neighbor.

Allusion to Joe and Mel create web episodes, titled "Joe Knows", to promote his financial advice.

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  1. Sex work researcher and writer Gail Pheterson writes that these metaphorical usages exist because "the term "prostitute" gradually took on a Christian moralist tradition, as being synonymous with debasement of oneself or of others for the purpose of ill-gotten gains".