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We liked each other right away and were both noobs in the chat (though I've been there a little longer than her) and soon we were talking about what we both like doing and how we'd do it to one another. The bathroom was very small, just a tiny room with a sink out front. There, I noticed the little slut didn't come unprepared: A nice, black plug was lodged firmly in her ass.One thing lead to another and I soon had my fingers on my pussy while I tried turning her on. We squeezed in anyway and locked the door behind us. She moaned: "Those have been neglected for a long time." I pulled her top under her breasts and weighed them admiringly in my hands. I turned it, and began to move it inside her butt, which she visibly enjoyed.So I drive to our meeting point and the whole time I'm thinking about what I might do with her when I meet her. After all, I masturbated several times with her, and she knows more about my secret longings than anyone else. You know, like that one time." I nodded and remembered one of our chats, when we found out we both liked water sports. They slid in easily, still wet from pee and pussy slime.And I know about her fantasies with her friend Cora, or that she wants to be my slave. She had a beautiful, open laugh, and her face was so pretty I wondered why she put so much work into her body. The café had only a few other visitors, a few schoolgirls sat on a table across from us, and a couple seemed to be sitting inside. The waitress came up and I ordered a big sundae with cream and Cappuccino. I mostly do it myself, if I even have the time, so not very much. She moved them gently back and forth, going deeper inside.

Martina reached for my hand and held it and we walked hand in hand along the shore. "That part of you belongs to me." She answered: "Oh goddess, nobody knows me like you do. With you I can be myself." I smiled and eyed her up and down. "Fuck me like your whore, like your slave cunt." I slapped her butt sharply with the other hand. When we had dressed and brought the boat back, she held the plug proudly in her hand as we walked back, as if she wanted to show that she was exactly as dirty and depraved, and even more so, as everyone thought who saw her.Even though I didn't need the spoon, I inserted it quickly in my pussy until it was covered in a thin layer of slime, and then we left the bathroom. I heard her gasp for air, but she bravely pushed back.I paid at the counter while Martina already went outside, probably to have her top dry faster in the sun. Her slit was stretching and I pushed the plug in with my thumbs.She didn't lie about her breasts, they were nice and big and nicely shaped. I felt how my snatch constricted around her hand and held her tight, seemingly trying to pull her even further in even though her fingers already touched my cervix. I breathed in deep and got up, straightening my dress while she cleaned up the floor with toilet paper. Brutally, I slammed four fingers inside her twat like a pocket.Her hair was long, straight and black, and her face was pretty, in a classical, regal looking way. Martina looked at me concerned and I felt her move inside me, twisting, turning, caressing my insides and finally turning into a fist. Her tits were still dangling freely out of her top and I think she enjoyed feeling as free as this. She pushed back against the trunk while her tits were dangling big and heavy below her.

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When I followed her, the giggling girls were still at their table; it seemed we weren't taking quite as long as we thought. "The way I know us we rather piss on beauty standards." Martina didn't say anything but steered the boat towards a small overgrown island close by. When we got there, we got off the boat and walked naked through the thicket until we were sure nobody could see us. I fucked her as good as I could inside her tight twat, and she only let out brute moans and began to drool, until she shook all over her body and her knees gave in.