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View the full list Earlier this week, the New York Police Department in partnership with Homeland Security arrested seven people and seized a number of documents pertaining to the website

Whatever the reasons became the target of such a large-scale investigation, the scenario highlights society’s ongoing hypocrisy towards sex work.

In the USA, sex work is illegal, and yet an infinite number of sex work websites and services are allowed to operate every day until suddenly, they are not.

It seems like every day there's a new form of online dating.

No matter what type of relationship you're looking for — from the forever kind to the friends-with-benefits kind — there's an app for that!

The benefits of online advertising also flow to sex work clients.

Compared to earlier forms of advertising in print media, the profiles offered on these services are highly detailed and contain a rich assortment of photographs, videos and information.

In today’s digital world, it is hardly surprising that many sex workers turn to the internet to connect with the oldest and most popular website for male sex workers, who pay a monthly fee to advertise to and connect with potential clients.The site has been in operation since 1997 – longer than Google – and receives an estimated 4 million hits annually.The raid on raises important questions about sex work, including its visibility, consumer demand for such services, and the ongoing marginalisation of those who buy and sell sexual services.If rational and consenting adults choose to engage in commercial sexual exchanges, should authorities be diverting police resources to preventing such activities?

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Although the website purports to help men connect for companionship only, authorities allege that it has been used to “facilitate the promotion, management, establishment, and carrying on of an unlawful activity, namely an enterprise involving prostitution”.